About Us


ILC Tas is committed to quality. We have been certified to ISO 9001 since 2010.

Quality Policy

Version 9 Dated 10/8/2017.  Review date: June 2018.


ILC Tas will use a Continuous Improvement process to provide services to all of our stakeholders which satisfy or exceed their expectations of quality, safety, reliability and service.

Our Quality objectives will be accomplished by establishing, implementing and maintaining a documented effective Quality Assurance System which complies with the requirements of ISO9001:2015.

ILC Tas is committed to a process of continual improvement, and we strive to maintain our position as an authority in our field by keeping abreast of the continually changing requirements and technological challenges of an ever growing industry.

ILC Tas is constantly investing in our staff and volunteers by providing training and development; this includes the provision of technology and equipment that is modern, fit for purpose and up to date in order to meet the high demands of our industry.


This policy is for the use of all staff, volunteers and subcontractors of ILC Tas.  The Quality Policy shall also be made available to all regulatory bodies and authorities to whom ILC Tas Management may be required to provide such information to from time to time.


The ILC Tas Quality Objectives are:

  • To maintain an effective and integrated Quality System that is compliant with ISO9001;
  • To maintain a level of quality which enhances ILC Tas’ reputation with its clients;
  • In delivering quality services to our clients, to comply at all times with relevant statutory requirements;
  • To endeavour at all times to maximise client satisfaction with the services provided by ILC Tas;
  • To meet or exceed the terms and expectations of our service agreements and other funding bodies;
  • To ensure that the process of continual improvement and review are incorporated into the day-to-day work practices of ILC Tas.


ILC Tas shall achieve these objectives by:

  • Senior Management reviewing and ensuring familiarity with updates of ISO9001 as they occur and subsequently updating the Quality Manual and other relevant documents and processes as required;
  • Conducting internal audits to ensure the effectiveness of the Quality System;
  • Regularly reporting quality matters and issues to staff and the ILC Board, including reminding staff at meetings and as required about continuous improvement, customer feedback and updates of policies, processes and other relevant documents;
  • Reviewing feedback mechanisms and methods to ensure they are effective;
  • Reviewing customer feedback to ensure customer expectations have been met, or exceeded;
  • Reviewing service agreements to ensure quoting and scoping of work is reasonable and clear, with reasonable time and resources allocated to meet expectations;
  • Ensure staff training is matched to service delivery requirements, training needs identified during performance review and the strategic plan of the organisation;
  • The efficient use and management of all company resources.

ISO9001 Certification 

Our most recent certification document is here (click to view PDF).