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Annual Reports

The ILC Tas Annual Reports are listed below. 

Click on the reports to view them.

2018/19 Annual Report (PDF)  (XML)

2018/19 Financial Reports only (PDF)

If you are unable to read our reports and wish an alternative version please contact us.


2017/18 Annual Report (PDF)  (XML)

2017/18 Financial Reports only (PDF)

Previous Reports (click to on each to view):

2016/17 Annual Report (PDF)  (XML)

2016/17 Financial Reports only PDF  

2015/16 Annual Report  (PDF)    (HTML)

2015/16 Financial Reports only (PDF)  

2014/15 Full Annual Report (PDF)

2014/15 Financial Reports only  (HTML)

2013/14 Full Annual Report (HTML)

2013/14 Financial Reports only (PDF)

2012/13 Full Annual Report (HTML)

2012/13 Full Annual Report (PDF)

2012/13 Financial Reports only (PDF)

2011/12 Full Annual Report (PDF)

2011/12 Financial Reports only (PDF)

2010/11 Full Annual Report (PDF)

2010/11 Financial Reports only (PDF)

2009/10 Annual Report excluding Financial Statements (PDF)

2009/10 Financial Statements only (PDF)

2008/09 Full Annual Report (PDF)

2008/09 Financial Statements only (PDF)