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DHHS Project - Let’s have a conversation about the language of health

a conversation about health - where health starts - in our everyday lives

Let’s stop and have a serious look at what it is that really keeps us healthy or makes us sick.

And not just talking about whether we did some exercise or if we quit smoking - we’re talking about the things that make up our neighbourhoods, communities, as well as a the bigger wider world – the factors that influence the choices we are able to make. Think about the things that you are exposed to in your everyday life – that might cause stress and make you more susceptible to ill health, or factors that keep stressors at bay and protect your health.

Let’s have a conversation about health – where health starts – in our everyday lives.

Health is influenced by lots of factors and we want to find out what Tasmanians from all walks of life have to say about health and its determinants.

This project is being run by the Social Determinants of Health Advocacy Network – Tasmania and is being undertaken by Miriam Vandenberg (Herzfeld) & Michael Bentley.

They will be running a series of focus groups in April 2015 and are looking for people willing to volunteer about two hours of their time to be involved.

If you would like to participate in this study please contact Miriam or Michael for more information:

Miriam: 0400 480 908 (

Michael: 0423 945 952 (

This project has ethics approval from the Tasmanian Social Sciences Human Research Ethics Committee.