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Assistive Technology (AT) Mentor Project

AT Mentors are people with disability or carers with lived experience of assistive technology who assist others by mentoring, informing and supporting their AT and home modifications needs.

The Independent Living Centre Tasmania is working collaboratively with the Independent Living Centre NSW on this innovative exciting 12 month pilot funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

AT Mentors are employed, supervised and supported by the allied health professionals of the Independent Living Centres in NSW and Tasmania.

This project, which sits in the newly developing NDIS AT provision framework aims to:

  • formalise the informal peer support process already existing when funding might have been unavailable or restricted.
  • support and inform decision making and choice, building the capacity for choice and control over time
  • empower individuals and their families in their engagement in the allied health process
  • reduce the reliance for allied health intervention/ prescription in lower risk areas, freeing up the allied health resource for more complex items
  • create a valid, recognised career and employment path for people with disabilities

 The work has involved:

  • developing competencies and competency based training and assessment
  • recruiting, employing and training the pilot AT Mentors in Tasmania and in NSW
  • negotiating referral pathways

The AT Mentor services are currently open for business in both states with all AT Mentors (1 Tasmania and 3 in NSW) trained and excited about their role.

 The evaluation will commence in the new year, with the pilot finishing at the end of February 2015.

 We are very much hoping that the program is rolled out across the country with the NDIS, providing employment and careers for people with disability, and local based AT Mentors supporting the choices of their peers, linked back to the expertise of an Independent Living Centre.

Go to our AT Mentor page for more information.