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Sundry Items

Sundry Items

Independent Living Centre has several items to be either given away or for a donation.   If you are interested in any of the items please phone us on 6334 5899 or 1300 885 886.

Items are listed below:

Comfylux mens Velcro tab slippers, size 42

Yoropen childrens' pencil

Decade Ultralight Material Handlers Gloves - XXL

Medium & Large Leg Bag Straps

Flexliner Sifa Standing Chair $50 donation

2 x tube tread mats, large size (one black, one orange)

Conni Size 18 reusable continence pants, black with bag

Conni Adult clothes protector (large bib)

Adult towelling bib

Hip Save Slimfit male, medium size, grey pants

Spenco foot pillow

HeadSaver Towelling Head Protector

2 x Y-Key dual keyboard adaptor  

Logitech Cordless Mouse

Body Glove Molded Gel Insoles, medium pair

Beasy Trans Sliding Transfer Board, 70 cm long -  $200 donation  (one only, one withdrawn from sale)

Over Toilet Safety Frame:  $50 donation

Therapeutic Pillow Contoured Back Support:  $35 donation

Therapeutic Pillow Total Spinal Support Cushion: $45 donation

Obus Forme  Back Support: $80 donation

Start Right Pencil Grip

MindMe MP-6 

Over bed table - that slides between mattress and base

Quantity available: 1